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May 17, 2012

HomeSpringPage Gets You Extra Space On Your iPhone HomeScreen [Jailbreak Tweak]

Who doesn’t like widgets? They are concise, interactive and let users see what they want in a single glance. If widgets are your thing and also happen to be the one thing that your Android smartphone owning friends boast about, then you would like HomeSpringPage jailbreak tweak.
Now there are various jailbreak tweaks that let you add or tweak widgets on the notifications menu or the lockscreen but how about a jailbreak tweak that lets you access the prime real estate on your iPhone i.e. the homescreen. HomeSpringPage does exactly just that. HomeSpringPage jailbreak tweak would let you have an extra blank page on the homesceen that you can then use to add your preferred widgets using a jailbreak tweak such as Dashboard X widgets.
For those who are not yet aware of Dashboard X, it is a pretty cool jailbreak tweak that would let you to install widgets right on the homescreen of your jailbroken iPhone along with your Apps. So if you are in the habit of checking weather every now or then, or just want an easy way to toggle various actions of your iPhone such as volume, brightness or Wi-Fi, you can install relevant widgets that let you do this stuff right on the homescreen. That would make it easier than ever to access them on the fly.

So the coupling of both HomeSpringPage and Dashboard X jailbreak tweaks should bring some additional functionality to the iOS interface. Now when you will install HomeSpringPage, you will notice that it does not come with any tweakable settings and you would just get an extra blank page on your homescreen that you can specifically reserve for widgets, but you can also add app icons if you wish to do that.
HomeSpringPage jailbreak tweak has been made available for free and you can download it from the BigBoss Cydia repository.


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