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June 13, 2012

New In iOS 6: Adding Retina Shutdown Spinner Graphic

A new feature have been found in iOS 6 that will really makes you happy.. Today a new feature that too many users are looking for it which is  the operating system’s shutdown spinner has finally received the Retina treatment. Do you know that this feature wasn’t exist from about two years.. And today it is here and with a high retina display..

The folks at TheNextWeb are the first guys who found this awesome feature in iOS 6. So it looks like that Apple is finally decided to correct a few things and makes it better one  the animated icon that appears for a few brief moments during each device shutdown will be Retina-friendly.. So have you already tried this feature or not ?!
I guess I should put up or shut up, and post my own perfectly clear version of the spinner. I would, only I downgraded my iPad back to iOS5 last night thanks to one too many essential apps kept crashing.

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