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July 4, 2012

MuscleNerd Solves a Serious Problem With Downgrading The Baseband on iPhone 3G and Can Change The IMEI

Although most users had no problem running the downgrade baseband 06.15 on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, some users have a certain version of the iPhone third generation have encountered some problems after using redsn0w. On these iPhone 3G, in fact, occurred a strange problem after downgrade: the baseband was restored, but in fact it was impossible to use the phone since the iPhone was displayed the classic error “No signal”. MuscleNerd, a member and leader of the Dev-Team has finally found a solution to this problem and is preparing to update again soon Redsn0w and payload that allow the downgrade baseband 06.15 on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs.
After day of debugging why HAD reverted 3G no service, found it was blocked for Unrelated reason! OTOH I figured out how to change IMEI

MuscleNerd has just announced via Twitter that he spent an entire day trying to figure out the source of the problem that has affected some iPhone 3G after downgrading the basebandWhile not being able to track down the cause of the problem, MuslceNerd is instead managed to find a way to change the IMEI of the phone.
Other than that hiccup testing, the revised payload Seems fine … will release improved downgrade later todayHappy5th of July!
In a second tweet has specified the hacker wanted to conduct further tests on the new payload and be working on a new update to that redsn0w will be released shortly. Of course you will receive the new release of this program through a new article on.


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