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July 13, 2012

This Russian Hacker Discovered A Way To Crack iOS -App Purchasing

Sometimes when you install an free app from the App Store and began playing it, you find some Ads pops up at your iPhone screen asking you to purchase some new upgrades for the app, for example let us take a very popular iOS app called “Talking cat” and more apps like it. But today I would like to tell you that a new Russian hacker was able to discover a way to crack iOS app purchasing (No Jailbreak Required).
The Russian hacker called ZonD80 and the first people who covered this story was a Russian blog called where they say that ZonD8o runs the conveniently named website where he collects donations to support development of the project.
In order to use this trick it is a very simple one and you are not forced to have a Jailbreak on your iPhone.
This is Apple’s worst nightmare come true because, once installed, the crack basically lets anyone obtain in-app content free of charge, in most apps. The method is independent of the iOS version and works on all devices running iOS 3.x to 6.x.
Check out the following video which shows the in-app proxy in action.
All what you have to do is installing of two certificates (CA and and changing a device’s DNS record in the WiFi section of Settings. This lets your device contact the Russian server to circumvent the built-in protection, producing this confirmation dialogue. The method is not allowing users to install content from 100 percent of apps, as some users of the method report it failing for certain in-app purchases in specific regions. This is of course not something we approve of. Despite warnings from the developer himself to please “not pirate AppStore apps,” he continued to assist users of the hack that report it not working with certain apps. Hopefully Apple and the developer community can shut this guy down before too much content is illegally downloaded. NOTE: We haven’t tried out this way and we probably don’t recommend you to lead your iPhone into these kind of troubles. So it is at your own risk bro :)


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