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October 3, 2011

Here’s Everything You Can Expect At Apple’s iPhone Event Today!

Tim Cook is now standing on stage at the Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, to reveal new things that will surely love.After sixteen months of rumors about the next generation of iPhonewe're finally going to see Apple's CEOTim Cookthe introduction of the new iPhone (s). Let's see what we can expect Apple to announce the event please contact the Apple iPhone today

iPhone 4S
Although some people do not want an iPhone 4 thing, but nobody can deny this fact. Apple announced an iPhone 4S today. First we heard rumors about the iPhone, and low-end economic an iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is confirmed to be the same design as the iPhone 4. Can come up with better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and support HSPA +.

Why we say it’s 100% coming today? Well, that’s because it appeared in the latest iTunes beta and leaked on Germany Vodafone’s site. All these confirmed for the sure the announcement of the iPhone 4S.
The new Assistant feature (speech-to-text), which is highly expected to be introduced tomorrow, will work on the iPhone 4S’ A5 processor only so are you buying the iPhone 4S for better speed and the Assistant feature?
iOS 5
Everyone knows that! Apple is highly expected to launch iOS 5 Gold Master for developer today followed by iOS 5 public version on October 10th. Apple has almost introduced most of iOS 5 features at WWDC 2011. Since there hasn’t been a new iOS 5 beta for more than a month now, Apple is expected to surprise us with new features at the last minute. Most important surprise would be the Assistant feature.
Some people consider an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 is such a big deal this year. For myself, I believe if Apple wants to shuttle the sales, they’ve to release a different iPhone, the iPhone 5, working on this new software. I still can’t see any point of releasing only an iPhone 4S.

Apple will surely announce the release of a new iTunes version tomorrow to allow you to install iOS 5 on your iOS device and use the new iCloud service. After several beta releases of iTunes 10.5, Apple will probably make iTunes 10.5 available for public download tomorrow.

New iPod Touch

It’s almost 50% that Apple will launch a new iPod touch. Since Apple has killed click-wheel iPod, it might release a new iPod touch. There have been several reports about a 3G-capable iPod touch and for first time in its white color model with minor changes.

One More Thing

Some rumors has spread today claiming that Steve Jobs will be there at Apple’s iPhone event today to say hi and introduce the next-generation iPhone with “One more thing” at the end. I highly doubt this since he’s not well enough for that.

iPhone 5

I left it to be the last thing.. That’s because there’s only 10% that Apple will announce the iPhone 5. I’m not predicting that, here’s some proves. First, we didn’t see the iPhone 5 named in the latest iTunes 10.5 beta, instead, we saw the iPhone 4S with its both white and black models. That one is enough!

Anyway, moreover, all the iPhone 5 cases and leaks that were spreading on the web for the last few months can be considered all as fake. Anyone who’s expert in photoshop can do this leaks on his own.

Additionally, we haven’t seen the iPhone 5 listed on Vodafone’s Germany site earlier today. Also the Let’s Talk iPhone image (at the top of post) includes 4 icons and here’s my prediction for these icons: The calendar icon is for October 4th, the clock icon is for the time of event begging at 10:00 AM PT, the map icon is for the location at Apple Campus and.. the phone icon; it shows 1 missed call which means only 1 iPhone. Wait, how many icons were there? Four! That means iPhone 4S not iPhone 5.

The last thing is that none of Apple’s products in the history has reached the day before its announcement and hasn’t been leaked. So guys, better forget about the iPhone 5.

Sprint iPhone 5

But wait… We’ve got a report today from both BGR and WSJ confirming that the iPhone 5 will be Sprint exclusive! WOW! Are you switching to Sprint in order to get the iPhone 5? 



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