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October 29, 2011

What Is Cydia?

After we have talked about What Is Jailbreak? And we have removed the limitations set by Apple on the iOS Devices. The next question is where to get those unapproved apps, tweaks, themes and more. Well From Cydia. So this make us ask what is Cydia?

What Is Cydia?

Cydia is a 3rd party app which has been developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik). The app is very much like the Apple app store but with out the down sides of the App Store. 400,000+ apps is available now via Cydia. Some for free and others for a small amount of money. Cydia is 100% safe as every app on it is approved. In Cydia you pay for your apps via Paypal or Amazon gift cards.
What is repositories?
Developers save their tweaks and apps on an online hub called Repository that gives quick and easy access to download and install the apps.

Cydia’s Interface:

Cydia has 5 tabs in it’s user interface:
  • Home: Here you will find some applications sponsored, more Sources FAQ, account info and some important settings.
  • Sections: Here you will find the apps sorted by category.
  • Changes: Here you will find the latest updates and the new apps.
  • Manage: Here you will have access to all storage, You can manage your apps, remove them, add and remove repos.
  • Search: Here you will be able to search for a tweak just by it’s name.

Cydia Best Tweaks:

    • Ultrasn0w
    • Activator
    • SBSettings
    • BiteSMS
    • AppLocker
    • Five Icon Dock
    • iFile
    • InfiniFolders
    • MxTube
    • Multifl0w
    • Winterboard
    • FaceTime 3G
    • FolderEnhancer
    • GraviBoard
    • Terminal
    • OpenSSH
    • ScrollingBoard
    • MultiIcon Mover
    • StayOpened


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