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October 10, 2011

Video of iPhone 4S with Benchmarks, “Siri” Feature

In this post we will introduce a video of iPhone 4S with some early benchmarks. iPhone 4S has been spotted with someone who has gotten hold of an iPhone 4S ahead of its launch. This video from , it introduces Siri settings interface , these settings allows you to turn Siri On/Off and change Language Settings, Voice feedback, My Info and enable Raise to Speak.
Here is the video :
Early Sunspider marks show a total score of 2222.1ms and a BrowserMark score of 89567. For comparison, it appears that the BrowserMark score for an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 is44856, so the new iPhone 4S benches twice as fast in the browser.
The iPhone 4S doesn't officially launch until October 14th. Some readers have gotten early ship notices, but we hadn't heard of any deliveries thus far. It's not clear how this person obtained their iPhone 4S.


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